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Art History 150

Chinatown Dragons (February 2013)

The Chinatown Dragons were completed as part of a partnership with the City of Victoria and were the final installation in the Art History 150 project, which celebrated the sesquicentennial of the City. The hanging double dragons were suspended above Government Street, north and south of Fisgard Street, in Victoria's Chinatown. The dragons were designed by local artist Steve Milroy (pictured below).


Lady Justice (September 2012)

Lady Justice was the second installment of the DVBA's Art History 150 project in the downtown core. The project was a collaboration with the Victoria Integrated Court which aimed to create a sense of community while increasing the visual appeal of the downtown. Judges, lawyers and clients of the Integrated Court painted squares beside stakeholders, partners, and members of the public in order to bring awareness to the work of the Victoria Integrated Court.

Local artist Steve Milroy of Wonderworks oversaw the creative process of the mural, titled Lady Justice. It is a 30 foot by 16 foot mural comprised of 120 individual 2 foot by 2 foot panels forming the image of Lady Justice. Each panel consists of a scene, word, or image which has a positive meaning to the artist and fits with the overall theme of freedom and the colour scheme of the panel.  The finished mural was installed at 533 Chatham Street in September, 2012, to help rehabilitate a location in the downtown that was formerly troubled with graffiti and vandalism.

Victoria (February 2012)

The first installment in the DVBA's Art History 150 project, to commemorate Victoria's 150th anniversary, was unveiled in February, 2012, in a ceremony on Gordon Street. The mural named Victoria depicts the naming of the City after Queen Victoria.

The Victoria mural was completed in partnership with downtown property owner Rick Arora.

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