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Precincts Downtown

Within Downtown Victoria, there are many distinct groups and areas worthy of particular mention. Some of these areas and groups have banded together to promote themselves under the DVBA Precinct Program. To date, 10 groups have formed precincts and taken advantage of the DVBA Promote Downtown grant program:

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For more information about the grants for precinct marketing available from the DVBA, click here.

Bastion Square

Bastion Square is lively, historic gathering area overlooking the beautiful Inner Harbour. Populated by restaurants, cafes, and pubs, the square is a hub of activity year round. In the summer months, its many outdoor patios, a seasonal artisan market and the local farmer's market make it a great place to discover the unique character of Victoria. Find out more about Bastion Square at www.BastionSquare.ca.

Broad Street - Keeping you Fit and Looking Good!

Bordered by Victoria’s City Hall and Centennial Square to the north and The Bay Centre to the south, Broad Street is one of the most unique and interesting in downtown Victoria. The one-way street’s wide sidewalks are pedestrian friendly and the heritage storefronts boast a rich variety of shops, cafes, and entertainment. Broad Street is also the gateway to historic Trounce Alley, a once-private passageway owned by Thomas Trounce, now filled with shops, restaurant, and galleries.

Design District

This diverse group of businesses encompasses everything from cafes to interior designers, bringing the best of the world to your fingertips. Whether you're looking for lighting, furniture, bedding, coffee, hardware, handmade rugs, bright fabrics or decorative accessories, you can find it in the Design District. The Design District surrounds Historic Chinatown along Herald, Store, Pandora and Government Streets. 

Downtown Victoria Art Galleries

The Downtown Victoria Art Galleries precinct is a non-geographic grouping highlighting the vibrant local gallery scene. The precinct is comprised of 10 downtown galleries featuring a variety of styles and media. 

Fabulous Fort

Fort Street is a centre of business and living in downtown Victoria. Home to fantastic ethnic restaurants, local independent stores, and some of the best professionals in Victoria, it is where locals go to satisfy specialized tastes. Come out and see what Fabulous Fort has to offer you. To find out more about Fabulous Fort, visit https://www.facebook.com/FabulousFort

Green Collective

For those looking for eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services, there is the Green Collective. The collective is an affiliation of businesses, utilizing the philosophy of 'co-opetition' to make it easier for you to make ethical purchasing decisions.  Shops and stores of the Green Collective are united by their vision, not their geographic location. They create and sell natural body care products, cleaning supplies, foods, fabrics, fibres, and clothing.

Government Street – The Heart and Soul of Victoria

Government Street is arguably one of the most recognizable streets in Victoria and is definitely one of the most charming. The historical architecture, tree-lined sidewalks, and world-renowned stores bring visitors from all over the world. Whether you are looking for gourmet chocolate, a trendy cafe, or an authentic pub experience, you'll be impressed by the best-of-the-best on Government Street.

Historic Chinatown District

Victoria’s Historic Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in Canada, and second only to San Francisco in North America. Since 1858 and the Fraser River Gold Rush, it has been growing and thriving as a secret city within our city. Live/work spaces now dominate Dragon Alley and Fan Tan Alley is filled to brimming with independent shops. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available year round on the sidewalks in front of the many grocers, and a multitude of coffee shops and cafes are tucked into every nook and cranny. On a visit to Historic Chinatown it is not hard to feel like you have taken a step back into history.

Humboldt Valley

The Humboldt Valley lies along Humboldt Street to the west of Douglas Street in Downtown Victoria. In an area that once was an industrial shantytown, a group of galleries, stores, and glittering towers has arisen. Humboldt Valley is one of the newest areas of the downtown and has become a focus for galleries, hotels, and executive residences.

Johnson Street

Johnson Street includes one of the highest concentrations of independent boutiques in Canada, several world-class hair salons, and specialty shops, all situated amongst the colourful façade of impeccably maintained heritage buildings. The street's history dates back to the founding of Victoria, and includes Market Square, a unique open-air downtown shopping centre. Lower Johnson Street, extending west from Broad Street down to Wharf Street, is the epicenter of fashion in Victoria and definitely the place to go for those who want to indulge their unique style and stand out from the crowd!


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